Norman, Oklahoma: More Than Just A City

There is a certain level of pride that the team behind Norman Appliance Repair feels about being a part of Norman, Oklahoma. This city is truly like no other. The people are one big family, which makes this city a one-of-a-kind experience.

Norman is near Oklahoma City, but it is far enough to have its own identity and certainly not as busy. There is a perfect blend between small town and big city in Norman, which may be one of the most attractive aspects of the region.

Still, to truly know the city, you should understand what makes it unique.

Crash Course on History

The city of Norman, and all of Oklahoma, was not acquired by the US until the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Still, the treaties of 1832 and 1833 gave the territory to the Creek Nation. The Creek Nation was made up of five civilized Native American tribes.

It was not until 1866 that the seeds of Norman were planted in the region that is now home to many great people. Back then, the United States had not surveyed the lands well and were not sure how to allocate unassigned lands. This was the reason they hired a young man by the name of Abner Ernest Norman to survey the lands around the Oklahoma region. Abner set up camp in the region that ended up being named after him.

A railroad stop opened up in the region, which made it easier for people to stop there. Most people were just setting up camp until Delbert Larsh and Thomas Waggoner saw an opportunity to establish a real town. The two began to make moves to build a university in the region, thinking that this would be the best way to guarantee a town. Their efforts proved successful on December 19, 1890 when a university permit was granted. The university would later become the University of Oklahoma. Keep in mind that this occurred about 18 years before there was a state.

The moment that this little town became a true city was May 13, 1891.

Interesting Things to Know About Norman

The city has come a long way from its humble beginnings to what is now considered the sixth best small city in the United States. This was a rank given to the little city of Norman back in 2008 by the Money Magazine.

There is a lot about Norman to be proud of like some of the following interesting aspects of the city.

Sports are a Big Thing in Norman

Norman is home to the University of Oklahoma, so it makes sense that sports are a big part of what makes the city special. Many are interested in the University of Oklahoma Football or University of Oklahoma Basketball because they have produced some of the best professional players in the US.

It should be noted that the university’s football team has also won a total of seven NCAA Division I National Football Championships, making them one of the best college football teams in the US. So, there is a reason why the people of Norman are so invested in their team.

The team players appreciate the support they receive from their hometown, which lifts their spirit. There is a sense of community whenever a game is played in Norman that is infectious. This is just part of the charm that can be expected from this little city.

City’s Nickname is the City of Festivals

Yes, Norman is often referred to as the City of Festivals, and for good reason, as they host a lot of free festivals that attract people from all over the country.

One of the events that occur in Norman is the Norman Medieval Fair, which is considered one of the best 100 events in the United States. The fair is quite large and lasts an entire weekend. The people who attend can expect medieval-themed art and culture like jousting and human-based chess matches. The people may also participate in combat shows, not to mention music and dance arts akin to what people might have experienced years ago.

The event is usually held on the last weekend of March, though it has also fallen on the first weekend of April. The event happens near a large park close to the University of Oklahoma.

Another interesting event held in the city is the Norman Music Festival, which also lasts an entire weekend. The festival is relatively new to the city as it sprung up in 2008. The festival has been growing in numbers and is quickly becoming one of the most beloved events in town. Those who attend get to hear local musicians but also internationally acclaimed artists.

There are no forms or styles that are not accepted into the festival, so the event is very eclectic, which makes it even more exciting to music lovers.

Yet another event to mention is the Chocolate Festival, which is the third best food festival in the United States. People from all over America come to this festival to get a taste of what chocolate can become in the hands of true artists. The festival began as and continues to be a fundraising event for the Firehouse Arts Center.

The Food Network has made it a point to highlight the festival from time to time as well. Those who attend will have access to tasting sessions throughout the event. There should also be chocolate-based art competitions and exhibits for the public’s viewing pleasure.

There is even a chocolate dessert competition and others that you might enjoy. In short, it is the kind of event that should attract chocolate lovers, food lovers, and the curious. The event has been held since 1983 and is still going strong.

Of course, these are just some of the events that are held in Norman; there are more throughout the year.

What should be noted is that Norman’s rich history and rich culture have truly made it a very special place to be a part of and a unique place to visit.